New Canadian Pediatric Fasting Guidelines Ratified by the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society

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Canadian Pediatric Fasting Guidelines Ratified 2018

The membership of CPAS at the AGM ratified new Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Fasting Guidelines and agreed to support the development of comprehensive fasting guidelines through the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Fasting Guidelines Working Group*. The ratified motion reads as follows:

The Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society endorses allowing and encouraging clear fluid intake up to 1 hour before elective anesthesia or sedation.

This was the level of granularity where we left the recommendations, and it will be up to individual institutions to develop protocols based on these guidelines. For many institutions, current fasting guidelines will look like this:

For elective sedation and anesthesia, the following fasting times are recommended:

8 hours: full meal, fatty foods

6 hours: light meal, milk, infant formula, fortified expressed breast milk

4 hours: breast milk

1 hour: clear fluids

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