Banff 2016 - CPAS Annual Meeting

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Dear Attendees,

On behalf of the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society we welcome you to one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, the town of Banff in Banff National Park, the first national park to be opened in the country.

We have put together a varied program of topics that we hope will interest the pediatric anesthesiologist, the general anesthesiologist with an interest in pediatric care, and the trainee.

We would like to thank the Executive of CPAS, the Scientific Affairs Committee of CPAS, and all those who have made this meeting possible. In particular, we would like to thank the many speakers who have generously donated their time and effort to ensure the success of the meeting. We gratefully acknowledge the substantial sponsorship from our three industry partners, and we encourage you to network with them in the exhibit/poster area. And finally we would like to thank you for attending and supporting the meeting, especially those of you that submitted the 24 abstracts that will be presented this year. Please consider making this an annual event in your calendar.

We hope that you will find time to explore the local area, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the formal dinner at the Banff Centre on Saturday evening.


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CPAS Executive                                                 CPAS Scientific Affairs Committee

Simon Whyte, President                                 Desigen Reddy (Chair)

Davinia Withington, Past-President                  Conor McDonnell

David Rosen, Vice-President                           Jonathan Gamble

Natalie Buu, Secretary                                   Simon Whyte

Koto Furue, Treasurer

Clyde Matava, Communications Officer

Sarah Stevens, Member-at-Large

Local Organizing Committee (Calgary)

Robin Cox (Chair)

Jeremy Luntley

Mark Gale

Adam Spencer

Kerryn Carter


Seattle, USA:              Adrian Bosenberg (“Bosie”)

Vancouver, BC:            Simon Whyte, Gillian Lauder, Zoe Brown

Calgary, AB:                Nivez Rasic, Jamin Mulvey, Mark Bromley, Naweed Syed, Robin Cox, Nina Hardcastle, Adam Spencer

Edmonton, AB:            Dominic Cave

Winnipeg, MB:            Ruth Graham

Toronto, ON:               James O’Leary, Terri Skelton, Toby Everett, Bruce Macpherson

Ottawa, ON:               Anna Shadrina

Montreal, QC:             Davinia Withington, Natalie Buu, Karen Brown

Halifax NS:                 Sarah Stevens, Allison Gray

Sheffield, UK:             Judith Short


Krissie Urmson, Conor McDonnell, Clyde Matava, Desigen Reddy, Davinia Withington, David Rosen

Administrative Support

Karen Stetar


Overall Program

At the end of this conference, the participant will be able to interpret information on current and evolving issues relating to pediatric anesthesiology, and to apply that knowledge into their everyday practice.

Specific Sessions

At the end of each session, the participant will have achieved the following objectives:

Regional anesthesia

The participant will be able to describe best practice in pediatric regional anesthesia, including current controversies.

The participant will be able to identify the issues concerning the new technology of continuous home regional anesthesia catheters.

Pediatric Anesthesia Issues

The participant will be able to appraise the latest evidence relating to topical pediatric anesthesia scenarios: specifically, the child with congenital heart disease, myopathy, anxiety, and aspiration risk.


The participant will be able to appraise the latest evidence on pediatric trauma management, including resuscitation, transport and head and neck injury.

The participant will be able to summarize the data on the use of ultrasound in pediatric trauma and approaches to massive blood transfusion.

Quality Improvement

The participant will be able to describe quality improvement methodology as related to pediatric anesthesia, with pediatric tonsillectomy as an example.

The participant will be able to assess the value of simulation in promoting quality improvement.


The participant will be able to appraise the latest evidence on possible neurotoxicity of anesthetic agents from international studies and from Canadian epidemiological research.

The participant will be able to summarize some of the latest methodology and findings from bench research pertaining to anesthetic neurotoxicity.

Traditional Educational Highlights of the CPAS Meeting

The participant will be able to describe current pediatric anesthesia research studies by means of oral and poster peer-reviewed abstract presentations.

There will be a key note address from a distinguished pediatric anesthesiologist (Dr. Adrian Bosenberg, Seattle, on Global Health). From this presentation, the participant will be able to reflect on the health challenges facing many humans, particularly in Africa.

There will be an interactive panel discussing difficult cases presented by the audience. As the cases are not known until the session, exact objectives are not definable. This is a very interactive session and includes opinions from both the panel and anesthesiologists from all of Canada, and beyond. The participant will therefore be able to identify the issues and consider a variety of different management options in a broad variety of clinical situations.


All posters, exhibits, and refreshments will be located in the Castle Assiniboine Room

All meeting presentations will be located in the Summit Room

Friday, Sept 30

07:00     Breakfast and Registration

07:45     Welcome (Simon Whyte, Robin Cox)

Regional Anesthesia (moderator: David Rosen)

08:00     Regional blocks that anyone can do – Adrian Bosenberg (Seattle)

08:45     Continuous catheters – Anna Shadrina (CHEO)

09:30     Chronic Pain Following Major Surgery – Nivez Rasic (ACH)

10:15     Break

10:45     Regional Pro/Con Debate: Epidurals should be used in the Nuss Procedure – or not? – Adrian Bosenberg (pro) and Sarah Stevens (con) (Seattle, IWK)

11:30     Regional Pro/Con Debate: Caudal versus Ilioinguinal block for hernia repair in a 2 year old – Karen Brown (caudal) and Adam Spencer(ilioinguinal) (MCH, ACH)

12:15     Lunch

Pediatric Anesthesia Issues (moderator: Krissie Urmson)

13:30     Rapid sequence inductions in children – what is the evidence? Zoe Brown (BC)

14:15     The child with a myopathy – Natalie Buu (MCH)

15:00     Break

15:30     The anxious child and family – Allison Gray (IWK)

16:15     The child with complex congenital heart disease – Dominic Cave (SCH)

17:00 – 18:30     Welcome reception at Banff Park Lodge, Castle Assiniboine Room

Saturday, Oct 1

07:00     Breakfast

08:00 – 10:00     Best Ten Abstracts (oral competition) – Desi Reddy and Scientific Committee to moderate/judge

10:00     Break

Trauma (moderator: Clyde Matava)

10:30     Resuscitation and transport of the injured child – Jamin Mulvey (ACH)

11:00     Use of Ultrasound in trauma – Mark Bromley (ACH ED)

11:30     Head and Neck Injury – Nina Hardcastle (ACH)

12:00     Blood loss – massive transfusion – coagulopathies in the trauma situation – Terri Skelton (HSC)

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Announcement of best abstract award (Desi Reddy)
                  Introduction of Key Note Speaker (Desi Reddy)

Key Note Address

13:45     Pediatric anesthesia around the globe – Adrian Bosenberg (Seattle)

Quality Improvement (moderator: Conor McDonnell)

14:30     Improving outcomes in pediatric anesthesia – Simon Whyte (BC)

15:15     Break

15:45     Optimizing outcomes after pediatric tonsillectomy – Robin Cox, Gillian Lauder (ACH, BC)

16:30     Role of simulation in improving outcomes – Toby Everett (HSC)

17:15     Wrapup

18:30     Formal dinner at the Banff Centre, Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation

Sunday, Oct 2

07:00     Breakfast

Neurotoxicity (moderator: Davinia Withington)

08:00     Update on neurotoxicity – GAS, Canadian data (Ontario, Manitoba)  – Davinia Withington, Ruth Graham, James O’Leary (MCH, WCH, HSC)

09:00     Neurotoxicity from bench to bedside – Naweed Syed (UofC)

10:00     Break

10:30     Expert panel – stump the experts! (Adrian Bosenberg, Bruce Macpherson, Judith Short, moderator: Conor McDonnell) (Seattle, HSC, Sheffield)

12:00     Wrapup (Simon Whyte)

12:15     Bag Lunch

12:30     CPAS Business Meeting, Black Bear Room


We gratefully thank our Silver Level Sponsors:

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Banff 2016 CPAS Full Programme



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