Toronto 2015 - CPAS Annual Conference

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Programme at a glance:

0800-0845               Sign in, Registration and Breakfast

0845-0855               Introduction & Opening Remarks by Dr. Conor Mc Donnell and Dr. Simon Whyte

0900-0950               Paediatric Anesthesia and Sleep Disorders:  What Lies Ahead?

                                    Speaker:  Dr. Kimmo Murto                     

          Moderator:  Dr. Simon Whyte

0955-1020               Risk Stratification for Children with Repaired or Palliated Congenital Heart Defects Undergoing Non-cardiac Surgery:  A Population-based Cohort Study

                                    Speaker:  Dr. James O’Leary                 

   Moderator:  Dr. Desigen Reddy

1020-1045               Break – Tea/Coffee/Snacks and Sponsor Exhibits

1045-1215               A Team Based Approach to Managing Paediatric Sleep Disorders

                                    Speakers:  Dr. Indra Narang, Dr. Reshma Amin, Dr. Evan Propst and Dr. Conor Mc Donnell

         Moderator:  Dr. Robin Cox

1215-1300               Lunch

1300-1330               Post Prandial Rant – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

                                    Speakers:  Dr. Larry Roy, Dr. Ruth Graham and Dr. Thomas Hackmann

         Moderator:  Dr. Conor Mc Donnell

1330-1355               Research Update – TBA

                                    Speaker:  Dr. Simon Whyte                     

          Moderator:  Dr. Desigen Reddy

1355-1500               Interesting Airway-related Cases

                                    Speakers:  Dr. Marie-Pierre Malenfant and Dr. Clyde Matava

         Moderator:  Dr. Jonathan Gamble 

1500-1515               Closing Remarks

1530-1700               Business Meeting


Approval has been sought for this meeting as an accredited group learning activity (section 1).


Identify emerging challenges to providing safe, high quality perioperative care to children.

Conduct a critical appraisal of recent advances in airway-imaging technologies.

Evaluate the evidence for association between preoperative diagnoses of sleep-disordered breathing and adverse perioperative and postoperative outcomes.

Review multidisciplinary pre and perioperative management of children with sleep-disordered breathing.

Identify research questions pertinent to the select population of children with sleep-disordered breathing requiring general anesthesia.

Apply new learning and techniques to future clinical practice.

Organizing Committee

Dr Conor McDonnell

Melissa McKay

Our sponsors 


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Toronto 2015 CPAS Meeting Programme

Toronto 2015 Flyer