Letter from the President - Dr Davinia Withington

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September 24th, 2014
Letter from the President - Davinia Withington

Re:Draft By-Laws for your review
Dear CPAS Members 


As you may be aware we have to change our existing Bylaws  in order to be in conformation with the new Canada Not-for- Profit Corporations Act. This process has been undertaken by your Executive Committee with Dentons Canada, Lawyers for CAS. We now have an acceptable draft for discussion at the AGM on Sunday September 28th and are providing a copy for you to examine prior to that meeting. 

The  main changes are to reflect slightly different requirements for Not-For-Profit Corporations in the Act but we have used the opportunity to simplify the Bylaws and to clarify our relationship with CAS, not as a Section but as a separate but related Society. We trust that the current version will be acceptable to you, our membership. A "Blackline" copy is also available on request where the changes made are all tracked. 


The Articles of Continuance of the Society will have to be signed and filed with Industry Canada by October 17th 2014 to avoid CPAS being dissolved. We therefore hope for a conclusive discussion on Sunday. I apologize for the lack of a French translation, the process has taken many months thus far so there has not been an opportunity to translate the current version.


Happy reading - legalese makes ordinary language complicated while medical jargon makes the complex simple (to doctors!)


Download a copy of the draft By-Laws from our website via this link


Davinia E. Withington

President, CPAS-SAPC 2012-2014

Associate Professor

Departments of Anesthesia and Pediatrics

McGill University

Staff Anesthetist and Intensivist

Montreal Children's Hospital

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