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Surveying CPAS membership

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The Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society (CPAS) supports research endevours that include surveys to its members.  The following process applies to requests to send surveys.

1. The request must be sent to the CPAS Scientific Committee chair for approval by the committee. The name of the current CPAS scientific committee chair is maintained on the CPAS website.

2. The survey must have obtained ethics approval or equivalent

3. CPAS will not share members emails but send out the survey to its members

4. CPAS members can send surveys to members at no cost

5. CPAS encourages surveys to orginate from CPAS members or include CPAS members as investigators 

Speaker Reimbursement Policy

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CPAS-SAPC Member Speakers

CPAS will NOT provide honoraria to CPAS members speaking or moderating sessions at Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society Meetings or at CPAS-organized components of the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society's Annual General Meeting.

External (Non-CPAS-SAPC) Speakers CPAS will continue to provide honoraria to external speakers in an amount deemed to be appropriate for the content and venue.

Approved by CAS Section of Pediatrics, Banff, 2002

Ratified by CPAS-SAPC, June 2006

Speaker Selection Process

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Speaker Selection Process for CPAS-SAPC Meetings

The CPAS Scientific Committee, in conjunction with the CPAS and CAS meetings’ Local Organising Committees, attempts to offer opportunities for Pediatric Anesthesia Fellows and new Staff to present to their peers, aims to attain geographical diversity when recruiting speakers, and may invite speakers with specific content expertise in keeping with  meetings' themes or key topics.


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